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They have large eyes with narrow pupils, eye color ranging from blue green to indigo. Dargonesti have incredibly long life spans, sometimes reaching years. Dargonesti wear little clothing, sometime seaweed underwater. They wear heavy clothing if they ever go to the land. Dargonesti are extreme isolationists. Sometimes they interact with sentient marine life, but keep to themselves mostly. They are scornful of the Dimernesti, the other race of sea elves.

They also harbor distaste for Silvanesti and Qualinesti, who consider both races of sea elves arrogant for leaving land and going to the sea. They are more friendly to Kagonesti. Non-elven races are interesting to the Dargonesti, known to save ships containing them, with the exception of minotaurs and draconians, who they would rather let drown.

Minotaurs are fearful of the Dargonesti. Dargonesti value freedom of choice, but can be lawfully aligned. Most sea elves are good, because any evil ones are exiled as dark elves. Evil Dargonesti are magically revealed through their ability to shape shift into sharks instead of dolphins. Zeboim, goddess of the sea, protects these "dark" elves. The Dargonesti country is called Watermere, and the capital goes by the same name. It is ruled by the Speaker of the Moons, and the Speaker is advised by a council of clan patriarchs and matriarchs known as Speaker of the Blood.

Watermere is about years old, having been taken by the Dargonesti from monsters and defended since then. Most of the world's events left it untouched, but the War of Souls ravaged it. They keep small well equipped fortresses throughout the kingdom. These are often occupied by the Dargonesti clans.

Recently, many of these have become dilapidated. When the Cataclysm sank Istar, the Dargonesti moved into the ruins. The Dargonesti are religious, having faith even during the time the gods were absent. They are worshipers of Habbakuk and Chislev , the good god of the sea and the neutral goddess of nature, respectively.

They have shrines to Zeboim as a way of placating her. They are also known to worship Branchala , Mishakal , Kiri-Jolith , and Majere , the god of music, the goddess of healing, the god of holy war, and the god of monks respectively. The Dargonesti also revere Solinari , Lunitari , and Nuitari , the gods of magic, for their power over the moons of Krynn. The Dargonesti language is based on the Ancient Elven, still using the Silvanesti alphabet but much changed.

The actual language is much changed, and when underwater it sounds like the clicking of dolphins. Dimernesti elves are located in the shallower waters of the ocean, their name meaning "Shoal Elves". They are strongly independent, similar to the Kagonesti people. Various losses incurred over the centuries have made them surly.

They have lost their trust in all other races. They are cool and curt when speaking to other races. They have the power to transform into sea otters. They are heavily built compared to other elves but slim in comparison to humans. Dimernesti have light blue skin, with webbed toes and feet. They have gills beneath traditional elven pointed ears. Dimernesti have silver hair which is often worn long, braided with shells and the like.

Dimernesti typically live about years. They wear little clothing, sometimes covering themselves with seaweed, and wearing cloaks and robes if they happen to be on land. Dimernesti, prior to the Cataclysm, had good relations with the land-based races, even with their Silvanesti cousins. After the Cataclysm struck, they reformed into small, family based groups and cut off ties to the world.

The War of the Lance forced them together with the Dargonesti to fight evil, but the Dragon Overlords' coming broke that relation. They have drawn back into their isolation, thinking themselves abandoned to the terrors of Brynseldimer, the sea dragon Overlord. The Dimernesti believe in freedom of choice, and generally align with good, as evil Dimernesti are exiled as dark elves.

When a Dimernesti is suspected of evilness, they are magically tried and, if guilty, exiled and lose the ability to shapeshift into otters and instead become manta rays. These elves actively work against their old homeland. The only current Dimernesti city is Dimernost, though before the Cataclysm they had many cities near the coast. The destruction destroyed many of these, and the family groups the Dimernesti split into chose not to build new cities but instead lived in natural formations like coral reefs.

Every so often, the Dimernesti raid towns on land for supplies. It is a hereditary position always held by a female. When Brynseldimer arrived, the Speaker lost contact with the remote families. The Dimernesti primarily worship Habbakuk and Chislev , the god of the sea and the goddess of nature, respectively.

They have shrines to Zeboim in order to keep her ire from them, and sometimes revere Branchala , the god of music, Mishakal , the goddess of healing, Kiri-Jolith , the god of holy war, and Majere , the god of monks. The Dimernesti language is very close to the Silvanesti tongue, and many Dimernesti speak the language of the people of Ergoth and the minotaur languages. The Irda were created by Takhisis, and the first of the three original races to be settled on Krynn. Even more lovely than elves, the original ogres were the most beautiful of all the races on Krynn, and among the most powerful sorcerers.

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Except in the case of injury or suicide, they had extremely long lifespans and were virtually immortal. With the passage of time, though, ogre society crumbled because of an internal division between the ogres that wanted to live in peace with the other races and those who wanted to enslave them. As punishment, the latter were turned into horrible creatures, twisted by evil. The ogres that wanted to live in peace escaped to an isolated island north of Ansalon, and with the blessing of Paladine, became shape-shifters.

They took the name of Irda to differentiate themselves from the twisted ogres. Despite their good intentions, years of isolation from the world eventually made them a very prideful people. The curse that turned the original ogres Irda into their current shape gave them a tremendous strength as well as a tendency of wild, anger-driven attitude. In the change, however, they lost most of their magical powers, concentrating only in brute strength. They live in clans, especially near mountains, and usually raid near towns to provide themselves with food and tools.

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Gnomes also called minoi or tinker gnomes were created after Reorx , god of the forge, cursed the scions that were helping him in forging the world after these tried to develop items for themselves. Gnomes are quite short with brown skin. They are constantly thinking of new inventions and have developed a tendency for speaking faster than the Common speech.

Each gnome is given a life-quest which must be accomplished, but is passed on from generation to generation if not completed. Their names are created by basically repeating the history of their entire ancestry and can go on for volumes if not stopped. Also, gnome inventions have a reputation for never working since once something works perfectly, there is no enjoyment in fixing it. The gnomes are considered one of the races of the Greygem because they are the ancestors of dwarves and kenders.

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Kender were created when the Greygem of Gargath changed the gnomes that were trying to catch it in order to study it. Kender are the Dragonlance equivalent of Halflings , which are absent from the Dragonlance setting, and are similar in some respects, differences include a slighter frame and more elfin appearance sometimes causing them to be mistaken for elven children , a natural resistance to fear which makes them virtually fearless they cannot be frightened unless under extraordinary circumstances , and a habit they call borrowing which resembles kleptomania. Kenders are known throughout Krynn for their pickpocket and lockpicking skills.

They have childlike personalities and love to travel. Dwarves were originally Gnomes created when they coveted the Greygem and wished to hoard it, thinking it priceless. According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting , dwarves are industrious, known as crafters and artisans. Many live below ground, but some have moved into foothills. They appear stern for the most part, but are comfortable around friends.

enter They take pride in their beards. They are about feet tall. Dwarves are typically not readily friendly to other races. They live in the mountain dwarf kingdoms of Thorbardin and Thoradin, along with scattered communities around the world. Hill dwarves have their own kingdom outside of these. They revere Reorx , whom they believe created them as his chosen.

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According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting , the mountain dwarves exist largely apart from the rest of the world. They come from the clans of Hylar The oldest and most noble of the clans. They are fierce fighters and good friends. According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, the hill dwarves are dwarves that have left the underground dwarven lands to live in and trade with the world at large.

They are described as more accepting of the other races. They all belong to the clan Neidar, which is said to mean "Nearest", and have a feud with the mountain dwarves, whom they accuse of having blocked them from entering the mountain kingdom after the Cataclysm. The mountain dwarves hold that they did so because if they had let the Neidar in they all would have starved.

According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting , the Dark Dwarves are two clans of mountain dwarves who live in total darkness. They are sometimes thought mad, and are generally evil. They contain the Theiwar , extremely fair dwarves who are the only clan to have an interest in magic, and the Daergar , sometimes known as Dewar, who sided with rebels and were banished deep underground.

They are also assassins, who specialize in short swords, and daggers. According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting , the gully dwarves all belong to the loose clan of Aghar. Their accepted history is that they are gnome-dwarf hybrids. They have strong survival instincts, pride, endurance, and a will to live. They are known to be vicious fighters when cornered. They are generally stupid and often hold menial jobs. The highest an average gully dwarf can count is 2, though some have become smart enough to count to 3. They are smaller than normal dwarves.

They have no land of their own and live in ruined cities, sewers, and dirty parts of cities. They do not revere Reorx, and have a tribal ancestor worship system. They speak their own guttural language. Evil creatures said to be a mix of elves and ogres. They were most commonly known for the wars before the Cataclysm in which they, along with ogres, constituted the major fighting force of Queen Takhisis.

The most well known Hobgoblin is Fewmaster Toede. Minotaurs are half-bull, half-human. They worship the minotaur-god Sargonnas , god of vengeance with a small minority worshiping the bison-headed god Kiri-Jolith. They are a mostly evil race usually associated with strong beliefs in honor and the sea due to their nation being located on the Blood Sea Isles. They also battled for the Dark Queen on many occasions, both willingly and when forced.

The Minotaur Empire now expanded to the mainland of Ansalon with the new territory of Ambeon. Minotaurs are the only surviving successful descendants of the High Ogre race Irda , when Sargonnas took a band of high ogres and transformed them into minotaurs before their downfall.

Living amongst the mountains of Krynn , aarakocra are rivals of the kyrie and often fight over living space, especially those tribes on the island of Karthay where aarakocras have been known to work with minotaur barbaric tribes to hunt kyrie. Aarakocras that live in the Abanasinia region often trade with the phaethons that live among the Sentinel peaks.

They were forced to follow by pain. The beloved were usually created by other beloved and by love. Someone who was a beloved would be forced to seek out the ones closest to them. The beloved would then ask their love to swear to Chemosh to prove that they actually loved them. This would turn the lover into another Beloved.

All the beloved carried a mark called Mina's kiss, which appeared as a birth mark shaped like a pair of lips. The beloved were virtually invincible. They could not be harmed or touched by magic. Severed limbs didn't affect them. The beloved only could be destroyed by innocence which only young children had. However, the innocence that destroyed the beloved will in return be destroyed.

The beloved can be separated from a crowd by looking deep into their eyes. You will see that no beloved will have feelings nor life. All of the beloved were promised eternal life by Chemosh, but they only got unending death. Although they were given the status by Chemosh, they do not take commands from him; they only follow Mina. And now they are all dead. The Kyrie are humanoids with feathered wings having clawed talons as feet. They have a talent for mysticism. The Shilo-Thahn, commonly known as shadowpeople , are ancient creatures who used to live in the underground mines and passages in Sanction.

Their appearance is that of a hairy ape, human size, protruding muzzle, yellow eyes and mouth with sharp fangs. They can articulate their lips and tongue to speak the common tongue, although they use their own secret dialect. The Shadowpeople is able to read the mind of any being without being noticed. As extension, they are able to talk to other beings mentally. They can also see in light and darkness.

Although they prefer staying in the depths, some may have gone to the surface hiding their features with heavy cloaks, disguising themselves as Zhakar dwarves or Priests of Takhisis. They lived in a community governed by the Councilors, several ancient shadowpeople. Being extremely peaceful and intelligent, the shadowpeople prefer evading battles if possible. They set up traps in walls, floors and ceilings, sticky nets that squeeze tighter the more the prey tries to escape. They do not believe in vengeance, and accept death without question.

At such depth, fungus is utilized in every possible way, including food, illumination when needed, and prison cells tall mushroom-shaped fungus positioned in a circle with only an entrance. After having discovered that priests of Takhisis held metallic dragon 's eggs as hostages, the shadowpeople tried to do everything they could in order to stop the degeneration of the eggs into draconians. However, their efforts were in vain, as Ariakas slew the last warriors with his blessed sword. Nothing is known about the shadowpeople after the War of the Lance. The Thanoi are a group of walrus-men.

They live in scattered villages, situated mostly in the Icereach area. The shadow wight is a creature of chaos that appears insubstantial, like a ghost. They cannot be harmed by normal weapons, unless it is blessed, however they can be harmed by magic. They possess people, however in order to do so, they first mirror the shape of their victim, then hypnotize them with words of despair.

Once the victim has succumbed to despair, the wight nullifies the victim, destroying the victim as well as any memories of that victim. The only way to "remember" that person is through physically written objects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Kender. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. June Main article: Aarakocra.

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