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Much bigger specimens of Nuummite, Lapis Lazuli, and Chrysocolla. Very happy! Already have an account? Log In Don't have an account? She trained with Coach For Life, became certified, and then was horrified when all her clients started asking for readings or training.

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Elaine maintains a limited private practice so she can concentrate on writing. She lives in Oregon with her family. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Empath as Archetype. View Product. Motivations of the Empath. The Empath, or highly sensitive, artistic, intuitive person, wants bonded, happy family relationships, a soul The Empath, or highly sensitive, artistic, intuitive person, wants bonded, happy family relationships, a soul mate partnership, and a career involving her creativity.

Yet many times the Empath becomes caught in lose-lose situations in both her relationships and her career. Yet many times the Empath repeats painful relationship patterns in which she cannot see her hidden motivations. The Empath and the Archetypal Drama Triangle. The Empath, or highly sensitive, artistic, intuitive person, wants bonded, happy family relationships and soul Interrogate assumed truths. Anticipate the needs of others. Test and learn at all costs.

The Empath and the Archetypal Drama Triangle

The Confidant : Listen. Summon the ability to observe and absorb.

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Be confident and fearless. The Cultivator : Commit. Nurture and intentionally grow. Do you think we move through different archetypes as we grow? MV : Actually, I believe that all of us embody all seven of these archetypes — just not in equal measure. Some we feel very comfortable with, but others are daunting. Your desire to shift to another archetype is totally normal.

You are all of them. What does being devoted to your path mean to you? Years ago, many people would be mortified if others knew they were seeing a therapist or a Chinese doctor. But the pendulum can also swing in the other direction. To go deep and not be tempted to just try the next thing that comes through the door.

For me, the balance of freedom and discipline in all of this self-work is where the real medicine resides. I myself was in the deep throes of having let my shadow out to speak her voice at Burning Man, having been silenced for months. Coach Perri Gorman. Intuitive wizard Luke Simon.


Plus all my besties. As a result I was oozing blood onto everything in my life. But when they come knocking we have to answer. We put on happy faces left and right and keep our shadow tucked away. So we tuck those feelings away. Been meditating and doing Bikram! I should be over it by now, right? One shadow that surfaced in the salon was the overwhelming shame of being single. Of showing up to weddings and dinner parties alone.

Many women I love deeply are supported by their families as adults, and since society says this is wrong, it creates yet more shame. As we gave these feelings a voice, they were like orphaned children being held tightly for the first time in a long time. And I got to thinking…. What if we did this at dinner parties? What if we could eschew some of the socialization that keeps us separate and lonely by keeping these feelings—our truths—hidden away?

What if we just held space for that feeling like two wild witches on a Full Moon in the woods, and watched her fly around the room until she disappeared out the window and into the stars to be at home with all the other parts of our souls? And then we ate spaghetti with marinara sauce until it made our lips red, and talked about where we want to travel before we die and danced to Bowie. How about we reclaim old rituals for honoring the shadows together, and make some new ones of our own? After all, we came here to be wild. We came to let our hearts be smashed to bits and to carefully sew them back together.

We came for glory. And we came for failure. They tell us to keep it neat and pretty. When you hide her away you teeter along as a half version of yourself, dragging a corpse of old, half-acknowledged feelings around.


And so next time shame or grief comes calling, answer her. Make her a temple. Throw her a party.

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Give her center stage for once. Will the shadow start running the ship? Most likely not. But if this fear exists, then create a container for these feelings. If you know rage could cause chaos, then take her moshing at a concert. Or give her a punching bag at a boxing gym.

Energy Vampires & Toxic People: Shaman Sister Sessions #62

This column is dedicated to those Wild Women and Men who are willing to go there with me and grieve and mourn and rage and laugh and cry and dream with me. You know who you are. Find out more on alexandraroxo. My treatment was a combination of hands-on healing and pressure-point release, with some crystals and some burning herbs, after which I practically levitated off the table, leaving with the instructions to send an update by email after two sleeps.

However, there is a third and powerful force—neutrality—which can serve you well in these times of reflection and integration. Simply un-attaching and not identifying with an outcome will let things happen at their own pace. It simply allows. By morning, I awoke feeling newly and fully empowered on my path.

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Existential crisis averted! Trust that it will find its own way out—in a dream like mine, perhaps. Try it—I bet you like it! While also finally finishing my book manuscript TF! As the Yogis themselves would say: peaceisalifestyle! Search for:.