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From the familiar to unexpected, fall in love with Hispanic cultures at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. The familiar and unexpected await you on your next visit to the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

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Spanning three stages, the NHCC's Performing Arts Program brings international, national and local artists to perform everything from contemporary to traditional music, dance and theatre. Learn more. The NHCC's History and Literary Arts Program documents, preserves and makes accessible Hispanic history, cultural traditions and literature through its library, genealogy center, archives, exhibitions, lectures and book-readings.

Providing motivating and meaningful educational opportunities and experiences for all ages, the NHCC Education Program's events range across all of the disciplines found at the NHCC - visual arts, music, culinary arts, theatre, dance, literary arts, history, and film - and go further into the sciences and wellness, all through the lens of Hispanic cultures. He approached this subject with the familiar state-by-state examination of events in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas, and gave special attention to cultural variations in each state.

Following his lengthy historical accounts, Campa devoted separate chapters to cultural manifestations such as arts and crafts, music, dance, foods, religious beliefs, and values.

The breadth of this study constitutes its great strength, and is also the source of its weakness. Although he was an accomplished folklorist, Campa did not have all the tools of the variety of disciplines represented in this volume. His historical narrative, for example, is poorly organized and his periodization ill-conceived, with the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries slighted in favor of the colonial period.

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Hispanic Culture in the Southwest contains so many dubious generalizations and errors of fact that it cannot be recommended as a suitable introduction to the subject—the purpose for which it was apparently intended. The publication of this book by a university press suggests a quality of research and level of sophistication which simply is not present.