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From stories of fishing with family members and pals to fishing alone, here are our favorite fishing books for kids of all ages. Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves! Sadie and Sherman take on the challenge in this zany tale. When her family is too busy to go fishing with her, Lana comes up with her own solution, showing that all you really need to fish is a little ingenuity. This book will spark a conversation about whether students like fishing and their reasons why or why not.

Every angler yearns for a big fish story to tell. This tale will keep kids guessing until the very end: Is Jangles just a local legend, or is he real? Grandpa misses his favorite fishing spots after he moves in with his family in the city. Students will love the lively illustrations and environmentalist message.

Two children head to the lake with their grandmother to ice fish for Arctic char. The descriptions of how they use jigging rods, a traditional Inuit technique, will have students asking lots of questions. After an unsuccessful day, Nina starts to wonder if the villagers were right—until, hand over hand, she pulls in a big fish all by herself. Filled with family stories and big fish dreams, this story will make kids want to step into their waders and make their first cast. This informational text shares fish basics, fishing equipment and procedures, and safety tips.

We appreciate the gender-neutral language and culturally diverse photos, inviting all kids to enjoy fishing. An engaging tone and a variety of sections filled with facts and advice make this nonfiction title another solid intro to fishing. In this tender, peaceful narrative, two siblings slip away from their campsite for some early morning fishing. Bookmark this title as a writing mentor text. When a boy and his father rise before dawn to fish for dinner, the father spends the time reminiscing about fishing as a child in Vietnam.

But NO! This story is nothing like that. Each chapter unfolds a secret or ends with a question and it is this secret and those questions that forces you to turn the pages. The humor presented in this story is awesome. The short poems in the beginning of the chapters inculc The story is one of a kind. The short poems in the beginning of the chapters inculcates interest in the minds of the readers.

Now the characters: Puneet is an awesome guy.

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He did not give up on his love for Roshni. Puneet made me believe that true love never dies. Myra is a chatterbox. She is sweet. I loved the way she handled her relationship with Puneet in the hospital at Ahmedabad, towards the end of the story. She taught me that no matter what the situation is, being there for your partner is the most important aspect of a relationship.

She is awesome. She is the perfect marriage material. Rishi is really really cute. He is a darling. His innocence and his actions carried me to my childhood. He is the life of this story.

I loved the following the most. The part where Rishi introduces himself and Puneet gets terrified to the core. The incident at the shoe store. Laughing Buddha — the moment appeared very sweet to me. A proposal with an apology. Puneet meets Roshni for the first time and their talk. Nov 19, Rahul rated it really liked it. An Achingly beautiful and unique story. HDM3 is a gripping novel that would thrill you and in the end would break your heart.

From romance to comedy, suspense to desire and from life to death, HDM3 would take you through plethora of emotions. It's a beautiful story of Puneet and his unknown goal. With Rishi, Puneet's future son, story takes an unusual but captivating turn. Author has cleverly inserted the spiritual concepts without disturbing the flow of story. Myra, Roshini and Rishi would never An Achingly beautiful and unique story. Myra, Roshini and Rishi would never leave your mind until the last page. In this page novel, you would not crave for a tea break.

Twists and turns would keep pouring out of the novel with every new chapter. What would happen when you love someone thinking it would go smooth unless some supernatural things resist you? Do things happen for some reason? If your mind gets strained with these questions, then key to them lies in the excellent and bittersweet story of Hey Dad Meet My Mom. Go grab it and explore this life-affirming story of life and loss. Mar 12, Dhwani Swadia rated it really liked it Shelves: i-own , read-in Just like the title, the story is truly unconventional.

I liked the protagonist and especially loved the parts when he first comes across his son. His shock and confusion were wonderfully conveyed by the author. The best part of the book was when the son bossed his dad around, it was too cute. But in this book, even though the language is simple, it somehow adds to the flow of the narration. Although, I do feel that the suspense part could have been better.

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It was obvious from the beginning how the story would end. Jun 02, Kapil Kaushik rated it really liked it. I was on my way to Delhi to attend a friend's wedding, and thus I had some time in the train.

I Can Only Imagine

When I started reading the book, I thought it as another love story. However, this story is different. At some points of time, even I got some goosebumps, as the story is so intriguing and mysterious. It is not any usual love story, but far more exciting than that. For readers who look forward to unusual and exciting stories, this is a must-read.

My wishes to the Author Sandeep Sharma for writing such a good piece of work at such a tender age. Hope to read more stories from your side. This one is a Bollywood even Hollywood blockbuster in store!! Feb 19, Gaurav Sharma rated it liked it. As a reader, I felt bad to see Roshni dying to accommodate Myra.

Mar 27, Aruna Kumar Gadepalli rated it liked it Shelves: indian-writers , books-read , books-published. Easy and quick read. The story is different from the normal love stories. Narration style is different too. Oct 10, Rajesh Hajare rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Any kind of readers.

Recommended to Rajesh by: Sandeep Sharma.

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Book Rating- 4. This is the second book by Gargi Publishers which I have read and sharing my review here. My first book review of Gargi's book was about 'Hidden Husband' by Shikha Kaul; which was highly appreciated by everyone and read by over And one more book from the same publisher is on my bookshelf and that is ' Her Resurrection ' by Soumyadeep Koley. Actually, HDM3 had been looking at me to be read and get reviewed for long days from my bookshelf. I am regretting not reading this book early.

Now let me come to the detailed analysis of Hey Dad! The couple is sat in a boat beside the boy. Flying birds indicate the scene of dawn. An umbrella in a girl's hand indicates rainy season. Monument in the cover shows that cemetery place is near somewhere. Title 'Hey Dad! Meet My Mom' perfectly suits to the book cover and plot. He is the narrator of the story. He is a boy of 10 years age. Roshni Bhatt Rosh : Rosh is a dream girl of Puneet.

Bina Shrivastava: Authors sketch Bina's character as the typical mother of Puneet. I am sure that readers would relate their own mother with her character. Rajiv Shrivastava: Rajiv is the name of Bina's late husband and Puneet's father. Sharad Taneja: Dr. Sharad is Puneet's uncle and he works as a psychiatrist in his clinic. You should read the book to know about her. Myra: Authors portray Myra as Puneet's girlfriend. Authors use present tense to narrate the story and flashback scenes are narrated as usual in past tense. Regional words are printed in italic fonts.

Short chapters increase the curiosity to finish the book in one go. Sharad's clinic from Delhi and St. Use of capital letters to stress on words and italic fonts for regional words make the book interesting. The story is based on Puneet's daydreaming and nightmares but authors cover so many genres within pages only. Authors don't stretch the story so every single page becomes worth reading and entertaining.

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Authors refer a quotation from the Mahabharata- ' Jurm karne se bada paap jurm sehna hota hai. It's the indicator of good luck or good charm. And there's a saying that, if you wish for something while touching the stomach of this idol, your wish will get fulfilled soon. The twenty-first chapter is one my favorites. A poem 'Hey Dad! Meet My Mom!! The first interaction between Puneet and Rosh is described wonderfully.

Date scene in ninth chapter is scribbled sweetly so reader feels that the scene should never end!!! Romance and intimate scenes are scribbled beautifully. Authors indirectly comment on mantras in a satiric manner. Authors comment on superstitions in Indian society through the protagonist's observation. Puneet's Sarcastic comment on spelling mistakes, hot seat, and boring songs in barber's shop show deep observation of saloon by authors.

The one name written in my diary was commemorated while reading about Roshni's diary as the scene does relate to my own life- 'I never shared my dream with anyone, as I even felt afraid to share it with myself. The only one who knew about it was 'My Diary. Bina Shrivastava make readers laugh. They sarcastically remark readers' attention on the dark reality of love birds' shameful activities in public places like parks.

Puneet's past takes us in flashback and commemorates the college days. They narrate the realistic picture of juniors' torture and ragging by seniors in colleges, and warn the seniors- 'Look, if you are trying to rag me then listen everyone, it's an offence and if any faculty sees you, you'll have to undergo serious punishment, and if I report your act to the police, you can't even imagine what will happen to you, your entire career will be spoiled. They comment on addicted persons in an ironic way- 'For a smoker and a drinker, there are only two occasions when they smoke or drink; one, when it rains and the other when it doesn't.

Now, when we sleep, usually our last thought gets trapped in our mind and reaches our unconscious mind which slowly gets jumbled with our memories and produces a weird kind of a dream. We all experience this. When you waited for it, it seemed to stand still and when you wanted it to stay, it flew away quickly. When you are in love, there's nothing right and there's nothing wrong, there's just one thing and that is love itself.

Sharad Taneja's surname 'Taneja' is written incorrectly as 'Ahuja' on page no. Though Rs. I know the strategy behind prices of books but I think it would be much better if HDM3 would be available in between Rs. Meet My Mom '' by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal is the combo of realistic and unrealistic theme filled with fun, comedy, motivation, philosophy, love, romance, emotions, fear, mystery, suspense and all that stuff need to be a perfect entertainer.

The book does not let you put down and suspense increases curiosity to know an unexpected climax. I won't hesitate to recommend HDM3 to my readers. So deep, that even we can't possibly dig it back out. What happens when a 10 year old child, who claims to be your future son, comes to you to help you find his mother, who's your perfect match? What happens when your 'future son' starts haunting you? So make sure you don't forget to expect the unexpected!! Surely a page turner and perfect entertainer. He is very passionate about writing and has been writing short stories for a personal blog since 5 years.

He has also co-founded 'The Author's Blog' which is a kind of a platform which tries to bridge the gap between authors and readers. He is an avid reader and loves to review books on his blog. He has been previously associated with many anthologies as a contributing author. Sandeep Sharma loves to spend most of his time with his parents. According to him, 'Parents always have so much to teach, it's just a matter of your learning desire and time. The Times of India gave wing to her writing by publishing her works in their esteemed newspaper.

Leepi is an 'Ahmadavadi Chokri' filled with zest and always strives to mark her work with perfection.

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She is a final year student and a gold medalist for her academic excellence in Masters of Computer Applications at Indus University, Ahmedabad. She has won the TechFest in April at college and state level. As writing is her passion, she loves to roam in the 'gallis of Ahmedabad' so that she can explore more about her birthplace through writings.

Apart from the previous successes of her short-stories, now even one of her poems has been acclaimed on an international platform. She is quite obsessed with writing, wires and machines and subsequently her obsession has turned into her passion and profession. Today is her birthday, so let's wish her warm greetings on her birthday. I hope she would like this review as a small gift from her reader on her birthday!!

Reviewer doesn't claim to be a writer of quotes mentioned in this review. This is not a paid review. This is my personal opinion and analysis of HDM3 and readers' reviews may be different about the same book. Nov 06, Ronak Shah rated it really liked it. Don't forget to expect the unexpected -sandeep sharma. Thanks for the review copy. What will u do if a child comes and claims that he is your future son? The book was a page turner.

I read this book within 4 hours. Hey dad meet my mom is the amalgamation of love , friendship, humour and mystery. The plot is so unusual and unique. There is romance and thriller in the blend. Both mixed in appropriate proportions. Unlike the stale romance where protagonists meet , fight and fall in love, this plot has love running in different directions.

All directions reaching a common destination. At a fine morning the boy Rishi comes and sits on his stomach and wake up puneet from his sleep and tell him that he comes here to help his dad to meet his mom. What will happend after that..? After reading this book you will feel as if someone has left you alone for some time, especially when Rishi finally lefts!! Just imagine, you are single and suddenly one day a ten year old boy comes to you tell that he is your son!!

What will be the reaction of yours!!! Of course you need to find everything what the boy was telling.. You should definitely read this book.! Rating 4. Aug 05, Sneha Pandey rated it really liked it. Puneet finds love - myra and rishi helps him but soon things start falling down. And pun "its all about true love and true meaning of life that to prove itself can go to any extent in form of imagination or illusion or hallucination" The story revolves around "Puneet" who has lost a part of his life that comes to him as a dream and "true illusion".

And puneet tries to find out the reason behinmd all this by peeping deep in his past which has been erased through medication and drugs, and finally is revealed to a truth that changes everything. The beauty of the story is "love". Be it in friendship, or parental or humanity or just romance. Apr 09, Gurpreet Kaur rated it really liked it. Nice read, fast paced, captivating, mysterious, interesting and heartwarming story of love. The suspense was definitely there and I liked the way the story progressed.

Made me cry in the end when the question of choice in kept infront of the male lead. His dilemma of able to answer and the ability of the son to read his father's thought and the ending was totally surprising. Loved the lyrical parts of the book. All in all a good read. Nov 17, Aradhna Tiwari rated it really liked it.

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She was not only there physically but a strong emotional pillar for Puneet when he was in another world; a world full of pain and deception. She was not an easy person to get rid of mind you but she is what gave redemption to Puneet in her own manner. A little man knocking him over now and then with his creepy talks and maturity level of a saint! Yes everyone this is Rishi am talking about who is on a mission.

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You need to find that by reading this book please. Roshni What do I tell you about her? She loved everyone fiercely and abandonment was never in her veins, even when she was on the verge of getting bankrupt. Her love for children was shining throughout the journey of HDM3, and what happened to her was ruthless.

Still, she was the stronger one amongst her and Puneet when all hell broke and they got separated. Her determination was so strong that medicine, theories and history had to bow down to her and brought Puneet where he belonged. That is what LOVE is… It is said that your subconscious is times more powerful than your conscious mind and this book makes you believe it.