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But there is a gift to be found underneath that realization.

My heart could not have been more filled with gratitude for this extraordinary couple whose love created and nurtured my life. They were the rocks that gave me an anchoring security and rootedness that allowed me to grow into my own person. It also requires countless daily choices, made by both partners, to do whatever it takes make it work, and to do so with respect, forbearance and dignity.

Because of their daily choices, I have the beauty of my own incredibly happy days with an extraordinary man. My ability to choose love, to feel love, to give love, and to hold love in my heart is the gift they gave me…and there can be no greater offering than this. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians It knows how to survive in hard places. But it is also shy. Just like a wild animal, it seeks safety in the dense underbrush.

If we want to see a wild animal, we know that the last thing we should do is go crashing through the woods yelling for it to come out. But if we will walk quietly into the woods, sit patiently by the base of the tree, and fade into our surroundings, the wild animal we seek might just put in an appearance. This quote has become profoundly meaningful to me…it has been a touchstone for my writing and also for my own inner excavations and explorations. It has been a pathway for my deepening awareness of and openness to beauty. More than ever before, I am in need of the peaceful respite offered by silence, nature and beauty.

All that is gold does not glitter,

Maybe you are experiencing this within your own self, too. With our natural world in flux, and our climate changing, we need more thoughtful souls listening to, learning from, and bearing witness to these changes. We will be learning to listen for the voice of our Soul, and the voice of Creation…. This beautiful, peaceful location is a centre for social justice, transformational learning and spiritual deepening…the perfect place for this exploration of nature and words and wild soul.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

BJ's Musings & Meanderings (& an Occasional Muttering for Good Measure)

Last Tuesday, I spoke to a room filled with Canadian veterans, sharing the story of my travels through the World War I battlefields of Belgium and how, while there, I unexpectedly discovered the value of my own heritage. I watched as some of the men and women present wiped their eyes. Afterwards, they lined up to share fragments of their own experiences overseas. Although strangers, we connected in a very deep and tender place.

For some, it is a very dark place. Thomas University on this upcoming workshop series.

musings, mutterings and many more misadvised meanderings.

During this series of three full-day workshops to be held in Fredericton, NB, I will show participants how the techniques employed in the craft of writing and storytelling can help us explore, examine and embrace the nature of our own personal stories. Each workshop builds upon the one previous so participants should plan to attend all three sessions. More info here. Strangely enough, it is a British supermarket ad — here is the story of the making of the ad. The story it tells took me back more than a decade and caused me to put my work on pause to hold the memory. That year the society had teamed up with the Royal Canadian Legion to bring both veterans and runners to take part in a marathon that wound through Flanders Fields, past war memorials and farmers fields where plows still regularly unearthed scattered bones.

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Participants ran or walked to honour either someone with arthritis or a war veteran. Some came looking for the graves of relatives lost in the war.

Technology for Living - The Musings, Mutterings, and Meanderings of a Spiritual ...

Two days before the marathon, we took a tour of Flanders Fields, which included a visit to the Essex Farm Cemetery where John McCrae wrote his famous poem; Langemark German war cemetery, with its mass comrades grave of 24, servicemen and another of school children; and Tyne Cot, the largest Commonwealth cemetery, holding almost 12, stones mark and a memorial wall listing the names of 35, soldiers whose remains were never found. As I walked the endless rows of identical white tombstones, each memorializing a precious, irreplaceable life, and ran my fingers over the lists of names etched in stone, tears flowed freely.

I enjoy visiting friends and family if only for a short time but I enjoy it nonetheless. I suppose in short I am saying that my life - while it seems simple to others on the surface and probably very boring. I am, I believe, very wealthy in the things that count. I am truly happy within myself, and I see, that it is very important to be happy within yourself because external factors are very temporary in their solution in providing happiness. I see myself working for a long time simply because I enjoy my job, I love what it is at the core of the job that I do, I am not saying that I don't get down, or irritated and extremely angry but it is fleeting and it passes.

I have friends who are afflicted by that terrible disease Depression and I thank my lucky stars that I am not, and I wish that there will be a cure in the near future for this insidious condition. I take heart that they are my friends and I can help them by offering love and support whenever and wherever they may be. I am rambling somewhat but I have just been mulling over during the day while doing the housework and mooching around the place, my place in this world and where i am in my life and the conclusion is that I am happy and blessed with all that I have in my life both material, physical and emotional!

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