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Missing Pieces

A fan webcomic about The Lion King. Starting from before TLK and ending after Simba's Pride, the comic will try to fill as many plotholes as it possibly can and explain why some characters disappeared or were never seen in the movies while you can find them in TLK-related merchandise. Hope you'll like it.

Disclaimer: Before you start reading this you should have: - seen TLK 1, 2 and 1.

Hey, stop sighing, this is actually cool homework! Gallery Folders.

Missing Pieces Wingbrothers AudreyCosmo Book 1 Cover AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces page 1 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces page 2 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces page 3 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces page 4 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces page 5 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces page 6 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces page 7 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces page 8 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces page 9 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces page 10 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces Page 11 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces Page 12 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces Page 13 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces Page 14 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces Page 15 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces Page 16 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces Page 17 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces Page 18 AudreyCosmo Missing Pieces Page 19 AudreyCosmo Terrence Woods disappeared on October 5, That very same weekend, two other people went missing in Idaho County and there are still others who have been gone for more than a year now.

They are shocked to hear people denying what was in the initial police report and decide to hire a private investigator.


Cryptic writings in his journal are discovered and deciphered. We meet a young filmmaker who has dreams of making it big.

Missing Pieces - andy gouveia . artist

Those dreams take him around the world, to London, and back home to Maryland. In October , Terrence Woods accepts a freelance gig as part of a crew filming a hunt for lost gold. Then, his father gets a chilling phone call. His son has disappeared Being used and abused by others - growing up was not easy for Hannah and Sam, especially with their mother's murder still unsolved. But they have faith and each other.

Police tell FOX 5 what they need to bring Alison Thresher home and her children speak about how they are able to move forward in her memory. The disappearance of young Maryland siblings Sarah and Jacob Hoggle has mystified and frustrated their father, police, prosecutors and the greater Washington, D.

Finding the Missing Pieces

At that time, it was just a story about a missing woman from Bethesda, Maryland - a wealthy suburb of Washington D. Who was Alison Thresher beyond the headlines? For so long she'd only been described as a missing mother of two and a writer and editor who was about to start a new job with the Washington Post.


Court records and interviews reveal there was a lot more going on in her life and may offer clues to her disappearance. In Episode 4, we speak with a top criminal psychologist who used to treat and examine inmate patients at the Maryland psychiatric hospital that has been Catherine Hoggle's home for more than three years.

The question is posed: Could Hoggle be faking her mental illness to avoid standing trial? We explore the facts of those first frantic hours after Catherine was found and pressed to tell detectives what happened to her children. He describes, in vivid detail, those first frightening hours when his 2-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter went missing in September Nine years after Alison Thresher disappeared, her daughter Hannah has a frightening memory that is suddenly starting to make sense. Hannah contacts police - then faces her family. And what about that close friend of her father?