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In addition, new maps, charts, illustrations, and tables have been added. They deserve commendation for trying to project a Sudanese point of view to avoid or minimize Eurocentrism; where Sudanese judgments differ we have tried to present multiple and sometimes contradictory views.

Similar to the other titles in Scarecrow's historical dictionary series, this work primarily includes A-Z entries covering people, politics, social issues, institutions, and events.

Historical Dictionaries of Africa

In addition, it features maps of uneven quality , an extensive chronological time line, and an unannotated bibliography. A very brief bibliographic essay provides evaluations of some useful sources.

Especially helpful is the much lengthier introduction on the history of the country from the advent of Islam through postindependence. A recurring problem with Scarecrow's historical dictionaries is that the entries do not cite any sources, making it very difficult for students and researchers to do follow-up research.

Nevertheless, this is an outstanding ready-reference source providing hard-to-find information on one of the most important countries on the African continent. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and above; general readers.

Great Civilizations of Africa - Empires of the Western Sudan

It concludes with Sudan partitioned into two countries. As with other Historical Dictionaries in the series, it begins with a chronology that has brief entries for the period from B. An introductory essay precedes the alphabetic entries about people, places, events, and more.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Other Reference Works

The seven appendixes are: a current factfile; ethno-linguistic groups in or adjoining the Sudan; sultans; eighteenth- and nineteenth-century administrators; agreement for the administration of the Sudan; political structure and administration; and educational institutions. There is an extensive bibliography broken down into areas such as historical, political, economic, cultural, and more. It includes electronic sources as well as books, journal entries, and audio-visual materials. Betrokkenen Auteur Robert S. Historical Dictionary of Niger, Fourth Edition. Historical Dictionary of Malawi, Fourth Edition.

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A This new, greatly expanded edition of the original work broadens the foundation provided by Africana. Including more than one million new words, Africana has been completely updated and revised. New entries on African kingdoms have been added, bibliographies now accompany most articles, and the encyclopedia's coverage of the African diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean has been expanded, transforming the set into the most authoritative research and scholarly reference set on the African experience ever created.

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P28 The authoritative source for information on the people, places, and events of the African Diaspora, spanning five continents and five centuries. C65 Collins seeks to familiarize the reader with pre-colonial Africa, the Africa that began with the migrations of the Bantu from their homeland in B. This second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Eritrea spans several millennia, starting with the discovery of some of the earliest known hominid remains and continuing on to Eritrea's early encounters with Christianity 4th century and Islam 7th century.

The main focus of this book, however, is on the formation of the modern nation-state under a succession of colonial powers, its year war for independence, and its emergence in the s as a new country.

Historical Dictionary of the Sudan (4th edition)

Historical Dictionary of Kenya by Thomas P. Ofcansky; Robert M. Kenya has a long and complex history that began thousands of years ago. Lobban ISBN: This resource focuses on Nubian history through a Nubian perspective, rather than on the more common Egypto-centrism perspective, and the coverage is based on the latest and best archaeological and epigraphic evidence. Newly created maps of the general area and its specific regions and place names and a photospread showing important related features of the region are included.

A detailed chronology provides a timeline of historical events, and an introductory narrative shapes the overall history and leads to the main body of the work in the form of a cross-referenced dictionary.