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The hero's behavior and the lessons he learns along the way represent the culture's ideals; what the hero does, all men should strive toward. Taken as a whole, we find that moral codes deal with, and all people in all stories are obsessed with: a Sex. Who gets to bangeth whom?

1. Epic Definition in Agile Scrum Methodology

When are or aren't we justified killing one another? How is property treated within the culture and between the culture and the Other? How is the treatment of both ritualized, usually in a religious context, and why?

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What does this tell us about the origin of religious belief and law? In this way history itself is given moral significance and the people feel divinely guided toward their fate, especially if not always in relationship to the Other.

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Instead, work continues on it until the achievement of the optimum economic benefit. There are two types of epics: business epics and enabler epics, each of which may occur at the Portfolio , Large Solution , and Program Levels. Epics are the containers that capture and manage the most significant initiatives that occur within a portfolio. Epics and the Value Streams they affect are the primary concern of the Portfolio level. Business epics directly deliver business value, while enabler epics are used to advance the Architectural Runway to support upcoming business epics.

Applying this model to epics provides the economic and strategic advantages of a Lean startup—managing investment and risk incrementally—while leveraging the flow and visibility constructs that SAFe delivers See Figure 1. Note: for further discussion of this figure, see Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

In addition, the empowerment and decentralized decision-making of Lean Budgets depend on specific checks and balances. Even in the context of an approved value stream budget, epics still require visibility and approval of an MVP estimate before implementation. After that, further investment in the epic is controlled locally via ongoing Feature prioritization of the Program Backlog.

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Understanding the Kanban system is fundamental to the understanding of portfolio epics. Reasoning about a potential epic must be based on a definition and intent that stakeholders can agree. Figure 2 provides an epic hypothesis statement template that can be used to capture, organize, and communicate critical information about an epic. Epics require analysis before being committed to implementation.

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Epic Owners take responsibility for this critical task, while Enterprise Architects shepherd the enabler epics that support the technical considerations for business epics. The worthiest initiatives in the funnel pass to the analysis state when the queue has space. The result of the analysis phase is a Lean business case. Once approved, portfolio epics stay in the portfolio backlog until implementation capacity becomes available from one or more ARTs. Further, epics may be split into Program or Solution-Level epics, or directly into feature or capability backlog items.

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  • Incremental implementation of epics means that they must be divided into smaller backlog items that represent the additional value. Table 1 suggests nine methods for decomposition, along with examples for each:. The above discussion describes the largest kind of initiatives, portfolio epics.

    Some portfolio epics may require splitting them into program and solution epics to facilitate incremental implementation. In addition, epic-level initiatives may arise at the program or large solution levels. Since these epics may have an impact on financial, human, and other resources, these initiatives are significant enough to warrant a Lean business case, discussion, and financial approval from Product or Solution Management.

    Find it here! What's new in SAFe 4. DevOps and Release on Demand.

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    Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering. Lean Portfolio Management. Details Epics are the containers that capture and manage the most significant initiatives that occur within a portfolio.