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Asked about the riot at Long Lartin, Mr Lachey explained that prisoners are frustrated about being locked up for hours a day with a lack of education or any meaningful activity at all. Anger at the system. One officer required hospital treatment and part of the building was damaged.

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A prison officer told him to face the wall and put his hands on it while the VP walked past. When in reality I never even had a folder to begin with. In 5th grade I made a kid sit in Mac and cheese self.

Honest Confessions About Ballet That Can Make You See This Art Through New Eyes

In High School, I forged all of my report cards self. I drove a car without a drivers licence for 5 miles. I forged my way through my senior year of High School self. I'm an anti-vaxx and I can't change my mind.

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I stole my friends laptop to buy weed. I skipped so much of 8th I forgot where my classes were self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a Confession. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Your confession must be an act you committed. If your submission does not contain a confession it will be removed. An unpopular opinion is not a confession. Regardless of whatever unpopular opinion you hold, it doesn't classify here as a confession.

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You haven't done anything wrong, so to speak, so it isn't technically a confession. Your sexual exploration is not a confession; it's a part of finding out who you are. Despite our confessional theme, we don't find consensual sexual exploits sinful. Be Specific All confessions must be titled specifically! Ideally, your title is a TL;DR of your post.

Even if your submission contains a confession, relationship-based confessions will be removed. We reserve the right to remove any posts referencing relationships, not just those seeking relationship advice. However, we do not know their stance or moderation policy on pedophile-type posts.

Limited Context We do not accept posts with limited context. One example of an Oxfam program we saw was at a refugee camp in Uganda, where women were making sanitary pads for girls who couldn't afford or access them. The girls couldn't go to school because of this. Something so basic has the potential to reduce the number of school dropouts and have a much larger impact on these girls' lives. It's important to realize what power women in Africa have to affect long-term change. For instance, it's the women who do the cooking and decide whether to burn charcoal, firewood or briquettes.

If they begin to use briquettes versus firewood, that teaches their children that firewood isn't good for the environment—briquettes are often made of recycled materials, they produce less smoke, and they don't require cutting down trees. These are the kind of simple, but important choices that kids will grow up knowing.

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Oxfam is empowering women so women can pass on their values and knowledge to their children, so they'll make better decisions growing up. You work in what some would consider two very different worlds: modeling and activism.

How does one inform the other for you? I actually don't think they're two different worlds. The world is one, and everything is interconnected. Modeling provides an opportunity for activism. As a model you have to ask how do you influence people, what do you say to people to create positive change? If you've been given some sort of platform—even if it's not modeling—it's so important to ask how you can create some kind change. That's the direction we're going in.

We now have a lot of access to people with just one click. We can post something and , people will see it instantaneously. It's fantastic and I feel very blessed that I'm living in this day and age.

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I also see the fashion community paying lots and lots of attention to the need for more sustainable products. I know examples of denim companies that are more sustainable—they're into more sustainable fabric and more sustainable ways of running their business. Stella McCartney is always advocating for sustainability, holding people accountable, and researching how products are made.

There's also an increasing amount of information on fast fashion companies which aren't sustainable or ethical. Lots of people I know no longer buy from them and are becoming more conscious. The more that people talk about these issues and become aware, is how change happens. How do we empower people on the continent to take action against climate change in order to protect their livelihoods? I think many of the things that happen on the continent is because people aren't aware.

They don't know that years of what they've been doing will have an impact on generations after them.

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People coming together, getting information, spreading the word about climate change is one of the ways we can make change. Africa is so rich in oil, minerals, and other natural resources, that many large foreign companies are looking to do business there. But there isn't lot of information about the kind of damage they can do to the environment and people's health. For instance, major mining companies on the continent create so much coal dust that it causes people to have asthma and pollutes the harvest rain water. In Uganda, only a percentage of people own phones.

So this means not many people have access to information through Facebook, and other social media channels. Most people still listen to the radio and that's not reaching people our age.

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So how do you get to the woman in the small village who doesn't know about these huge companies? That they are polluting the land, that the animals are dying because they're drinking polluted water from companies that are dumping waste water everywhere? I believe if they knew, they would come together, and they would hold their governments and decision-makers more accountable.